How Boyish saves 2x
in post-production costs with Pixofix

Pixofix guarantees Boyish super-fast product image retouching
at prices more competitive than their previous retouching partner.

About the brand

Boyish is a sustainability brand that uses organic materials to create vintage-looking womenswear.

The brand gets its name from taking fabrics typically thought of as for men, and tailoring them to a woman’s body. The result is tough, durable clothing with a feminine fit, and a small impact on the environment.

Boyish showcases editorial and lifestyle shots on their eComm site that requires high attention to detail on retouching.

What we did

Pixofix constantly turns around great product photos at blazing speed and at the same time provides very competitive prices. Hence Boyish is able to save on image retouching cost by up to 50% in comparison to their previous retouching solution and improve their time-to-market substantially.

Pixofix ended up being the perfect fit for Boyish, offering the skill they needed for high quality retouching, while also speeding up their process and cutting retouching expenses.

“Pixofix turnaround time is super fast and we spend half the amount as our previous outsource photo retouching. I strongly recommend them.”
Jordan Nodarse
Creative Director, Boyish Jeans