How Jetty cut expenses
and drove profits through Pixofix

Jetty is able to turn around high quality detailed oriented product photos with ease and perfection every time.

About the brand
Jetty life is a sustainable clothing brand that focuses on turning recycled PET bottles and oyster shells into beautiful new products. The result is Jettylife, a fashion line based on the theme of “Draw your own line.” The brand emphasizes west coast culture through their t-shirt designs. As great product photography is crucial to any eCommerce business success, JettyLife was having problems in scaling their post-production work.
What we did
Pixofix was able to stream-line their retouching process and was able to turnaround great product photos in hours, eliminating any bottlenecks in their workflow. Greater efficiency in the process allowed Jettylife to focus on the revenue generating aspects of their company, which help increase their profits while at the same time reducing expenses.
“Pixofix has been a great post-production partner for Jetty Life. Their attention to details on product retouching is unparalleled”
John Clifford
Creative Director, Jetty Life